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Why sign up with LBS?
Inside LBS, you will have full access to world-class training, enhanced skills for developing deeper customer relationships, great sales ideas, a constantly updated, vast, and searchable vault of marketing information, an experienced resource for specific sales questions and situations, and more all focused on leading you to increased sales and delivered by media sales professionals with real street experience. All of this is offered to you through four distinct services that are briefly outlined below with accompanying short informative videos.

Professional Training
LBS consistently searches the nation far and wide to bring you the best content available online anywhere! You can be assured that our presenters are not actors, but actual media sales professionals who have real experience sitting behind your desk, walking in your shoes, and knocking on local retailers’ doors. Our programs are effective because they are focused on what works in the field and not what looks good in a text book. Join LBS today and let us help you make a real difference in your ability to serve your customers and ultimately in your station’s bottom line!

Advertiser Intelligence
"Mylocal broadcast sales pro sure knows a lot about ratings, reach, and frequency, but how about knowing a little bit about MY business?!?” Ever heard a local retailer echo that sentiment? We sure have! Your local retailers are hammered every single day by media reps who do not understand the retailer’s business. With the right research, your team can easily stand out from the pack and LBS is here to help them do it. Inside, you will find a searchable index of marketing information organized by advertising category. This database is designed so a sales rep can uncover important advertiser intelligence to use with their customers and prospects in under one minute! Join today and put this powerful tool to work in your station. Your competitors won’t know what hit them!

Our extensive and always-growing video library covers a huge variety of subjects, but sometimes one of our thousands of members is looking for something extremely specific that is not already covered in the detail they need. In that case, they can easily send us their exact question and we will put our broadcast and digital sales professionals to work finding a useful and complete response. Ask LBS is just like having your very own sales coach, but without the expense!

Sales Ideas
Sales Ideas is another popular feature among LBS members. Every week, LBS delivers updated, practical, and timely ideas for you and your reps to pursue RIGHT NOW to generate one more sale today! These sales ideas are created and delivered by seasoned broadcast sales professionals, are heavy on street-smarts and never based on theoretical and pie-in-the-sky concepts. With LBS Sales Ideas, you can be confident that you and your team will receive the very best seasonal, consumer-trend, and category-specific leads and ideas available anywhere!

What Other NBA Members Are Saying
I love LBS because I get accurate, up-to-date information about specific business categories that I call on consistently. Motivation is key is sales, so going to LBS is like having a pep-talk sales meeting twice a week. I work in a sales office located in a different community than where our radio station is located. I am the only salesperson in this office…so motivation from LBS is very helpful to keep my attitude positive! And, I can go to LBS anytime of day to listen in to the latest topic of the week.
- Colleen Simpson, Big Red Country 104.9FM KCTY/KTCH 1590 am, Wayne

I love LBS because your training segments are sorted by relevant topics, containing “”nuts and bolts”" teachings that can be put to use immediately!
- Jim Timm, KBBX-FM, Omaha

I love LBS because the short videos on Time Management are greatly informative. Although I am not in sales, but am the traffic & billing director here at our station, I have found the various videos that are available are very informative and our upbeat giving me the feeling that YES I can do this. Keep up the great motivational videos.
- Karen Schmer, KNEB AM-FM, The Beet, Scottsbluff

I love LBS because I am a new sales person and it has been so helpful to me learning how to sell and giving me tips on new things to do! The weekly emails help me with new ideas! Thank you LBS to get my sales career going! They really help me think outside the box! Being new to this amazing career, I could not have survived the last 6 months without the guidance and direction of LBS! Keep it coming!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Tricia Chitwood, KNEB, Scottsbluff

Contact Candace Armstrong at
for simple instructions on how to get started right away!